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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

At Michael Dillon UPVC Limited we strongly believe in the importance of promoting energy efficiency. By investing in energy efficient products such as our windows and doors you can reduce both your household emissions and your energy costs.

Michael Dillon UPVC Limited are dedicated to seeking out innovative new energy saving solutions to keep our products in line with Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and the NASI recommendations.


uPVC windows and doors are a great way to reduce your household emissions, saving you money on your energy bill. For more information please contact us.


uPVC is not an organic material like wood. But being an organic material is just one part of sustainability, as other factors contribute to overall sustainability.

✔️ Is the product durable – yes, uPVC is durable and has a long life span

✔️ Is there minimal maintenance – yes, uPVC is a low maintenance product

✔️ Is the product thermally efficient – yes, uPVC is thermally efficient and reduces heating bills

✔️ Is the product recyclable – yes, uPVC can be recycled


" The windows have exceeded our expectations, and the installation was well done and professional. We appreciated the minimum cleanup we were left, and the attention to detail, leaving well fitted windows that look great! We're very happy with the job, and would be glad to recommend you to anyone needing your services and products. "

Mr. and Mrs. Dietz

" What an excellent company. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the door, how efficient both the gentlemen were, there was no major upheaval.

If other companies I have dealt with worked with the same efficiency as Dillon uPVC they too would be in business for as long as Dillon uPVC. "

Many thanks,

B. O’Donnell

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